"Aesthetics and Function are Two Equal and Intertwining Parts of a Successful Architectural Project"

Our philosophy begins with an insistence on design excellence. Although we have designed a wide variety of projects, from high-rise institutional buildings to single family residences, each plan is executed with the greatest attention to detail, a concern for quality, and a respect for context. Each building should have its own personality and be indicative of its purpose.

Our concern for the aesthetic environment extends beyond specific buildings. We have gained respect for our appreciation for local concerns and our ability to work closely with community groups as well as municipal agencies during the design and approvals process.

Furthermore, DKA is dedicated to partner commitment and responsive management for every project. Our partners, together with a team of architects, are involved in the supervision and design of each project from the initial stages of planning through construction and even post-construction. This unique team approach ensures that each project is continually monitored so that it can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

More importantly, we consider each of our clients to be equal participants in the design and planning process. At every stage, we present a number of alternatives to the client, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each approach. We then work with the client to ensure that the recommended option meets with established design objectives and budget requirements. This prevents redesign at a later date which can be both costly and time consuming. That the majority of our clients have commissioned us for more than one project is proof of our success. Our commitment to team-work and quality has earned us respect and an outstanding reputation with both our clients and colleagues in the field of architecture.